As we enter  Spring Break, it is a time to get ready for the summer countdown, shorts and flip flops become the uniform of choice, and the house market heats up! First, have a great break, and be safe, when you are soaking up some sun, take us along on your device. has been redone completly and is very easy to find properties in the area. We will be here working, so if your on the beach at Padre, Cabo or Cancun, or on the slopes at WolfCreek, Ruidoso or Durango.....I hate that is not right! I am jealous though! but if you want some info on a property while enjoying your week Call, Text, Email  or contact us via Facebook or our website. We will be here.......waiting.............watching the sand blow.........or freezing.......or both.....again I degress.

Again Have fun, no really have fun!!!!!!!!!!!